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Women's Services

Women's Services

Contact Us at 845.988.9905 or 866.596.8456

St. Anthony Community Hospital, a member of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth), is now offering Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exams. Utilizing advanced breast tomosynthesis technology, 3D exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while simultaneously decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing.

“The system allows our radiologists to more effectively pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities,” said Robert Yates, system director, Imaging Services.

In conventional 2D mammography, overlapping dense breast tissue is a common reason why breast cancers may be missed and normal tissue may appear abnormal, leading to unnecessary callbacks. The 3D exam utilizes a rotating digital scanner to capture images of the tissue from multiple angles.  These enhanced images greatly reduce the tissue overlap effect.  Radiologists and technologists can move and enlarge the images to view any area of concern.

This technology is considered superior to conventional digital mammography and is approved by the FDA. The new system is recommended for women of all ages and breast densities.

Large clinical studies in the U.S. and Europe have demonstrated the positive benefits of a Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exam. Findings include:

  • 41% increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers.
  • 29% increase in the detection of all breast cancers.
  • 15% decrease in women recalled for additional imaging.

This upgrade is included in Phase One of the $10 million renovation of the St. Anthony Community Hospital’s Radiology Department.  Women’s imaging services, including 3D mammography, are offered at St. Anthony Community Hospital’s offsite imaging facility located on 55 Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Warwick.  

The Women's Imaging Center offers:

  • The most advanced digital mammography equipment available with computer aided detection (CAD) technology
  • Stereotactic breast biopsies
  • Breast, pelvic and general ultrasound
  • Low dose bone densitometry testing
  • Board certified radiologist with advanced training in breast imaging
  • Female, registered and experienced imaging technologists
  • A full array of educational health resources
  • Convenient location
  • Ample parking

In addition to bringing you the most advanced imaging available, the Women's Imaging Center was also designed to provide you comfort and privacy.


55 Ronald Reagan Boulevard
Warwick, NY 10990


To book appointments, please call: 1.866.596.8456  

We are pleased to speak with you about any of our diagnostic services. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please give us a call.

At St. Anthony Community Hospital, we offer exceptional, personalized care for women at every stage of life – even when life takes an unexpected turn. Utilizing the most technologically advanced equipment available today, our world-class, multidisciplinary medical team is on the forefront of women’s medicine.

15 Maple Avenue
Warwick, NY 10990
Phone: 845.986.2276

To learn more about Women’s Health Services at St. Anthony Community Hospital or to make an appointment, please call 866.596.8456.

Services offered:

  • Advanced Gynecologic Services and Surgery
  • Minimally-Invasive Surgery - Laparoscopically
  • High- and Low-Risk Obstetrics
  • Diagnostic Breast Imaging, 3D Mammography
  • Urogynecology, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
  • General Gynecology Services and Surgery
  • Perimenopausal, Menopausal and Postmenopausal Health
Comprehensive Gynecologic Care
For many women, their relationship with their gynecologist is a lasting one which often begins with their first annual pelvic exam in late adolescence or early adulthood and continues throughout their child-bearing and menopausal years.
Our specialists strive to be your trusted partner in healthcare by providing personal and customized care that addresses your unique needs during every stage of life. We provide routine annual exams, offer birth control advice and preconception counseling, and see you through each pregnancy from conception to birth and aftercare. We ensure you stay healthy by advising you on and providing regular screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies as you grow older.

Throughout it all, we access advanced prevention techniques, technology and treatment interventions to ensure you receive comprehensive and up-to-date care.
When it comes to healthy moms and healthy babies, the Westchester Medical Center Health Network is here for you with convenient practice locations and excellence in all facets of pre- and postnatal care. Board-certified obstetricians offer comprehensive services in prenatal care, obstetric care, labor and delivery, and high-risk pregnancy.


Success Stories 

Vincenza Miller: St. Anthony Community Hospital Patient and Nurse Uncover Forgotten Friendship


Denise Jacklitsch, RN, St. Anthony Community Hospital, a WMCHealth member, celebrates the rekindled friendship of her mom, Maria Holzhauer, and Vincenza Miller.
(L-R) Denise Jacklitsch, RN,
St. Anthony Community Hospital, a WMCHealth member, celebrates the rekindled friendship of her mom, Maria Holzhauer, and Vincenza Miller.

It’s a simple question: “What’s your name?”

For longtime obstetrics nurse Denise Jacklitsch, RN, at St. Anthony Community Hospital, a member of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth), it’s also a highly effective way to personalize patient care by getting to know an individual beyond their diagnosis.

A “Detective” Questions

In 2020, an impromptu conversation about a gynecology patient’s name unknowingly set off a chain reaction of events that uncovered a forgotten friendship. One that spanned almost 100 years, four generations and two continents.

“Most of my coworkers call me ‘The Detective’ because I can basically find out anything about anybody by talking to them,” said Denise. “The day I met Vincenza was no different, but this time, it was almost like divine intervention that we met.”

Months prior to their discovery, 75-year-old Vincenza Miller had been experiencing pain, discomfort and intense pressure in her lower abdomen. As time passed, the symptoms worsened. Vincenza made an appointment with her primary care physician who referred her to two specialists in the Bon Secours Medical GroupBasil Kocur, MD, a urogynecologist specializing in pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, and gynecologist Dominic Aro, DO. 

Direct and Definitive Treatment

After various evaluations and tests, they recommended a two-pronged surgical approach. The first involved a reparative procedure called a bladder sling to correct her urinary stress incontinence. The urethra would be realigned to the bladder to ease urinary issues. The second part would be hysterectomy.

The grandmother of four discussed the options with her family, including her husband of more than 50 years, and decided to move forward with both procedures at St. Anthony Community Hospital.

“Our well-trained specialists and subspecialists offer a variety of outpatient corrective urological and gynecological procedures,” said Mark Madis, MD, Medical & Quality Director at St. Anthony Community Hospital. “In Vincenza’s case, the service line was direct. She saw her primary care physician who made the referral to their group’s gynecologist for evaluation, and finally, she was admitted here [St. Anthony Community Hospital] for definitive treatment.”

A Chance Meeting, Decades in the Making

Maria Holzhauer and Vincenza Miller with family at Downing Park in Newburgh, 1958.
Maria Holzhauer (L) and Vincenza Miller (R) with family at Downing Park in Newburgh, 1958.

After doctors successfully completed the two surgeries, Vincenza rested in a patient room. That’s when Denise popped in to check on her recovery and both women started talking. First about Vincenza’s Italian name, then whether she spoke the language. Soon, they learned both their families immigrated to America from the small village of Curinga in Italy (near Calabria). 

“I was nine-years-old when I came to America with my family and settled in Newburgh, NY. The other family we knew here, also from Curinga, moved to Long Island City and came up to visit us a few years later,” said Vincenza. “I became friendly with their daughter and even went to her wedding in 1964.”

Their minds started racing after Denise explained her mother, Maria Holzhauer, immigrated to America the same year and lived in the same place. Denise pulled out her mother’s wedding photo, a precious keepsake always with her. She excitedly showed it to Vincenza who smiled and confirmed that was the woman at her wedding and the same girl she grew up with. A phone call between Vincenza and Maria confirmed the connection as tears of joy followed: a long-lost friendship was found.

Legacy of Love

Vincenza Miller and Maria Holzhauer enjoy lunch at Goshen Diner.
Vincenza Miller (L) and Maria Holzhauer enjoy lunch at Goshen Diner.

Since renewing their bond, Vincenza and Maria have kept in touch by phone and even met up in person.  Not letting the COVID-19 crisis stop them from catching up on decades lost, they now meet in-person for lunch, once a month, at the Goshen Diner in Goshen, NY.

“We reminisce about our families and talk about what’s new in our lives now,” said Maria.  “This friendship began with our grandparents and was passed on through our parents, then the two of us and now, even my daughter is part of this legacy of love.”

Sentiments that Vincenza echoed with a full heart and gratitude for those who helped her feel better.

Maria Holzhauer and Vincenza Miller point to a picture of themselves as children
Maria Holzhauer (L) and Vincenza Miller point to a picture of themselves as children.

“Not only did St. Anthony Community Hospital provide me with the best care and treatment, but if it wasn’t for them, and Denise, I never would have reconnected with Maria,” said Vincenza. “I kept pictures of us from when we were little, not knowing that someday I would see her again and give them to her. This is all just so amazing and goes to show you how small this big world can be.”




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