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St. Anthony Community Hospital is now offering 3D mammography exams.

Utilizing advanced breast tomosynthesis technology, 3D exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while simultaneously decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing.

“The system allows our radiologists to more effectively pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities,” said Robert Yates, system director, Imaging Services.

In conventional 2D mammography, overlapping dense breast tissue is a common reason why breast cancers may be missed and normal tissue may appear abnormal, leading to unnecessary callbacks. The 3D exam utilizes a rotating digital scanner to capture images of the tissue from multiple angles.  These enhanced images greatly reduce the tissue overlap effect.  Radiologists and technologists can move and enlarge the images to view any area of concern.

This technology is considered superior to conventional digital mammography and is approved by the FDA. The new system is recommended for women of all ages and breast densities.

Large clinical studies in the U.S. and Europe have demonstrated the positive benefits of a 3D mammography exam. Findings include:

  • 41% increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers.
  • 29% increase in the detection of all breast cancers.
  • 15% decrease in women recalled for additional imaging.

The Women's Imaging Center is equipped with the latest digital mammography system. Digital mammography is fast. Tests take half the time of conventional mammograms. When it's time for your annual mammogram, make it digital. Digital mammography is your strongest new ally in the fight against breast cancer. Digital images appear in seconds on a computer screen, revealing an exciting new world of diagnostic possibilities.

  • Better visibility at the skin line
  • Greater image flexibility
  • Shorter exam times
  • Fewer call-backs
  • Less anxiety

Discover all the benefits of a digital mammogram. Learn the importance of early screening for breast health and get answers to commonly asked questions.


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