Where do I go if I walk in with an emergency?
Our Emergency Room is located on the main lobby level in the rear of the hospital. Usually, the first person you will see in the Emergency Department is our triage nurse. The nurse checks vital signs including temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing and asks questions to evaluate your condition. 

How do I register?
Unless your illness requires you to be treated immediately you will be directed registration area. You will be asked for basic information about yourself. We do not discriminate based on your ability to pay or any other factors.  

In what order are patients seen?
Patients are not always treated in the order in which they arrive. Unlike a physician's office where appointments are scheduled in advance, many emergency cases often arrive at once. In the Emergency Department, the most seriously ill or severely injured patients are treated first. If your condition is not life threatening, you may be asked to be seated in the waiting room until your name is called.  

Why do patients have to wait for treatment in the emergency department?
People wait in emergency departments for many reasons. Some of these include:

  • Waiting while the sickest patients are seen first. 
  • Overcrowding due to epidemics such as the flu. Also, unlike a doctor’s office where appointments are scheduled, many emergency patients may arrive at once. 
  • Waiting for X-Ray and laboratory results. (Some test results take longer than others.) 
  • Waiting for consultations for specialist physicians.   

How long can I expect to be in the emergency department?
The very best care takes time. A triage nurse will grade your condition by severity. Patients with life-threatening conditions such as stroke and heart attack are seen first. Your total stay may depend on your symptoms, illness and whether you have to be admitted to the hospital. Also, if an emergency room physician consults with a specialist or you have special tests and X-rays taken, your stay may be longer.

I am confused by the number of bills I receive from one visit to the Emergency Department. Can you please explain?
You will receive one bill from the hospital and a separate bill from the Emergency Department physician who provided your care.  You will receive additional separate bills from any physician who performed services, such as X-ray interpretation, pathology tissue examination and so forth.  

Whom should I call if I have concerns about my care or questions about my care bill?

  • For questions concerning quality of care: Elise Steffens, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager/Emergency Department 845.987.5293  
  • For questions regarding you hospital billing: 1.844.419.2701

What should I do when an emergency occurs?
Be prepared. Call 911. Keep emergency telephone numbers near your telephone. When calling for help, speak calmly and clearly. Give your name, address, phone number, location of victim (e.g. upstairs in the bedroom) and nature of the problem. Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to in case additional information is needed.  

Our Emergency Department staff is always available if you have questions or concerns.